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Los Favoritos Auction 2016

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Auction overview

Ends: 28 Apr 2016 13:06:12 EDT

Please register now for the 2016 Los Favoritos auction to be held 28th April 2016:

  • Each box usually contains samples of all this year’ s hand-selected coffees.
  • All the selected coffees from Fincas Mierisch have been scored very highly by national cuppers that have served on the jury for the Honduras and Nicaragua Cup of Excellence® competitions.
  • Samples are limited. Samples and Auction Registration fees will be reimbursed for the winning bidders.

These unique lots have been harvested from various plots on the farms, on different harvest days, are unique cultivars from separate microclimates, and in some cases are different processing methods. These coffees are the best representation in their class. Lot sizes are very small this year.

These are truly one-of-a kind coffees. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to own this year’s finest coffees.

Visit Fincas Mierisch website for farm details, cupping descriptions and the amount of coffee available.

Lots in this auction

Lot Boxes Pounds Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
2217a6395.07lbs$22.70/lb$8,968.09El Limoncillo - Javanica / Red HoneyUCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2217b6390.21lbs$22.70/lb$8,857.77El Limoncillo - Javanica / Red HoneyUCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
17723179.67lbs$20.00/lb$3,593.40El Limoncillo - Yellow Pacamara / WashedWataru for SHRUB COFFEEFINISHED
17085297.62lbs$17.10/lb$5,089.30El Limoncillo - Yellow Pacamara / Red HoneyMaruyama CoffeeFINISHED
2884292.59lbs$16.60/lb$1,536.99El Limoncillo - Yellow Pacamara / Red HoneyOrsir CoffeeFINISHED
1735284.66lbs$15.00/lb$1,269.90El Limoncillo - Yellow Pacamara / Red HoneySupremo KaffeeFINISHED
33797429.9lbs$14.02/lb$6,027.20El Suspiro - Orange Bourbon / Red HoneyUCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
13084227.96lbs$13.40/lb$3,054.66El Limoncillo - Javanica / WashedBoxcar Coffee RoastersFINISHED
31335280.2lbs$12.20/lb$3,418.44El Limoncillo - Red Pacama / NaturalHaru InternationalFINISHED
19016400.13lbs$10.20/lb$4,081.33El Limoncillo - Javanica / Red HoneyBoxcar Coffee RoastersFINISHED
15735299.83lbs$10.10/lb$3,028.28El Limoncillo - Red Pacamara / WashedCOFFEEMANIAFINISHED
30964239.64lbs$10.00/lb$2,396.40Las Delicias - Red Bourbon / NaturalInterAmerican GmbhFINISHED
46544210.32lbs$9.05/lb$1,903.40Las Delicias - Red Bourbon / Red HoneyTAF CoffeeFINISHED
3212b6396.83lbs$5.60/lb$2,222.25Los Altos - Red Catuai / WashedCAFETENANGOFINISHED
3212c6395.51lbs$5.50/lb$2,175.31Los Altos - Red Catuai / WashedThe Coffee Tree RoastersFINISHED
3212a6396.83lbs$5.50/lb$2,182.57Los Altos - Red Catuai / WashedHAS BEAN Coffee LTDFINISHED
35327413.14lbs$5.40/lb$2,230.96El Limoncillo - Red Pacama / Red HoneyThe Coffee Tree RoastersFINISHED
3038d7445.11lbs$5.10/lb$2,270.06Mama Mina - Red Catuai / WashedInterAmerican GmbhFINISHED
3038c6396.83lbs$5.10/lb$2,023.83Mama Mina - Red Catuai / WashedInterAmerican GmbhFINISHED
3038a6396.83lbs$5.00/lb$1,984.15Mama Mina - Red Catuai / Washed.UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
3038b6396.83lbs$5.00/lb$1,984.15Mama Mina - Red Catuai / WashedUCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
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