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  • Provide micro lots of exceptional quality, coffee varieties produced in El Salvador such as Pacamara, Pacas and Bourbon, grown at different mountain ranges and using diverse methods like natural washed or honey process.
  • Ensure that El Salvador continues on the path to produce coffees that meet the tastes for the specialty coffee markets segment.

We guarantee that all coffees for the auction have been produced, collected, processed and stored under rigorously high quality standards, you will find spectacular, elegant and exotic flavors with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

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The Speciality Coffee Association of Nicaragua (ACEN) recently ran the electronic auction of Nicaraguan Finest Coffee 2016, an event during which we selected the best coffees in Nicaragua under the highest quality standards. We had the support of 18 international cuppers and 14 national cuppers who were responsible for selecting the best coffees for several cupping phases. An independent auditing firm was responsible for verifying and validating the selection process and each coffee for auction had a score of 85 points or more.

Click below to view the results of this very meaningful event for the Nicaraguan coffee industry and check back for forthcoming events in 2017.

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These unique lots were harvested from various plots on the farms, on different harvest days, and were unique cultivars from separate microclimates and, in some cases, different processing methods. These coffees were the very best representation in their class and lot sizes were very small this year.

The rare and eagerly anticipated Los Favoritos are truly one-of-a kind specialty coffees of the highest quality. Don’t miss the next unique opportunity to own the year’s finest.

Visit Fincas Mierisch website for farm details, cupping descriptions and the amount of coffee available.

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With extensive experience working with the most renowned leaders in the industry, including farmers, growers and producers as well as the world's biggest trade associations - find out more here. We can bring our established coffee sector expertise and market-leading auction technology to your website; helping you easily and profitably auction your coffee, seamlessly manage the promotion and sales process, and maximise your returns.

For each specialist coffee auction we:

  • Manage the (fixed fee) set-up in consultation with you; including design, colour palette, content and branding
  • Include multiple language content and functionality if needed
  • Look after the upload of all lot details and images for you
  • Manage the order and payment process for samples and provide you with a list of sample requests to fulfil
  • Take payments for auction entry if required
  • Handle the bidder registration and verification process, providing you with a list of bidders for approval
  • Co-ordinate email marketing to advertise your auctions before the event and the results thereafter
  • Provide dedicated support throughout your event

Based in Brighton, the UK's coffee capital, we'd be delighted to chat with you about your coffee auction and how we can help. Get in touch today!

Upcoming Auctions

Check back here for forthcoming auctions running in summer 2017 - we will publish details as registration dates become available.